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UK Loves to Gamble, as Majority of UK Households Vote in Favour of TV Gambling, Reports JackpotCity

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LONDON, November 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Britain sees growth in all areas of the increasingly diverse modern gambling market

UK households have voted in favour of televised gambling, reports JackpotCity. In a survey carried out by Right Casino Media, 28 per cent of the 1,000 households randomly selected for the survey voted in favour of gambling via television, with 49 per cent saying that they were indifferent to the new gambling format.

Television gambling is one of the latest developments in the gambling industry, which has been quick to adapt to the rapid advancements made in telecommunications in recent years. Innovations such as live gambling and apps to allow gaming on the go have made full use of the improvements made in internet, mobile and smartphone connectivity, while televised gambling has utilised the growth in digital TV services.

Currently, three UK casino sites provide TV gambling, all broadcasting roulette games to the nation via digital and Sky every day of the week. Interactive TV apps are also now available to allow users to place bets while watching televised sporting events. While 23 per cent of those surveyed voted against broadcasting casino games on TV, the 28 per cent who voted in favour cited strict Ofcom regulation, the fact that games are broadcast very late at night, and the option for parents to block certain channels and programmes as reasons to trust the new gaming format.[1]

Britain is leading the way in terms of social and mobile gambling. Its well-established and thoroughly regulated gaming market led to the UK becoming the first chosen testing ground for both Facebook's first real money casino gambling app and the first real money casino app to be launched in the Apple iTunes app store.

The combined success of gaming apps in the UK, smartphone uptake surpassing that of other EU countries and the US, and tablet sales jumping from 2 to 11 per cent in 12 months, all signs indicate that the UK should prove a very receptive market for the mobile gambling revolution set to get underway with the roll out of 4G coverage this year.

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