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The Sheriffs Are Coming on BBC One - Diamonds are the Sheriff's Best Friend!

LONDON, January 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

After a busy week on the road, the Sheriffs are back, enforcing County Court Judgments and recovering money that is owed but not paid, by various means including the seizure of diamonds.

The BBC hit series The Sheriffs Are Coming follows individuals and business owners who have gone to court to obtain a judgment against someone who owes them money, but have never been paid all they are owed.

After transferring their judgments to the High Court for enforcement, they've turned to Croydon-based Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, The Sheriffs Office, to get them their money back.

Armed only with a High Court writ and a chip and pin machine, the Sheriffs often travel in teams of two as not all debtors are pleased to see them. If payment isn't forthcoming they have the authority to seize goods, cars, jewellery, or any other asset of value. Frequently they'll get their money, but not before some difficult confrontations.

Highlights of what's coming up in week two:

When a couple found out the engagement ring they had just bought was not quite as it seemed, they ended up having to take the jeweller to court, where the Judge agreed that he has misrepresented the ring and had to pay them back. When he still refused to pay they called in the Sheriffs. Did the Sheriffs seize the diamonds? Did they put the sparkle back into love's young dream?

When Louisa decided to set up a freelance Marketing Consultancy, she was delighted to get her first client. But after months of work and no sign of payment, she began to wonder if going freelance had been the right thing to do. After taking her new client to court, she asked the Sheriffs for help.

Janet bought a horsebox for her daughter, a promising young dressage rider, but it turned out to be a nightmare. The head lights failed one December night leaving them to drive through country roads in the dark. The mechanic said the electrics were and everything would go up in flames if driven. Janet took the seller to court and won. But when the Sheriffs arrive, the he is less than pleased to see them and calls the police.

Missed it? You can catch up on iPlayer or watch this week's shows at 11.00am on BBC One.

Notes To Editor

The Sheriffs Are Coming

The series was produced by Screenchannel TV, makers of Fake Britain and Luton Airport, and narrated by James Barriscale. All filming took place between May and December 2012.

The Sheriffs Office

The Sheriffs Office are Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers handling around 12,000 cases a year. Based in Croydon, they are one of the largest such companies in the UK. They have 50 officers out in the field, recovering debts of around £25m a year across England and Wales.


SOURCE The Sheriffs Office

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