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Savile Row Huntsman Strengthens Women's and Countrywear Tailoring with new Co-owner, Roubi L'Roubi

LONDON, January 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Huntsman, the iconic Savile Row bespoke tailor, is pleased to announce Bond Street designer and couturier Roubi L'Roubi, as its new Creative Director, and Co-Owner.  Huntsman's bespoke business will continue to focus on delivering the uncompromising level of service that has made it one of the most prestigious houses in British tailoring history.

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"I am proud to be able to uphold the tradition of supreme craftsmanship which has distinguished Huntsman for more than 160 years," Mr L' Roubi said. "After being involved with collaborations on Savile Row, and serving as a judge at the 2011 Golden Shears Awards, I am delighted to become one of the Huntsman team as Creative Director. With the continuing support of Peter Smith our General Manager, and Patrick Murphy, Head Cutter, we can continue to achieve the highest standards of excellence in tailoring and country wear."

Mr L'Roubi 's expertise in women's bespoke will allow Huntsman to develop their range. "More and more women are seeking Savile Row tailoring, Mr L'Roubi notes, " Huntsman recognised this early on. In our Bond Street Atelier we look forward to offering a dedicated service to women looking for excellent tailoring and fit, alongside Huntsman's formal menswear." Patrick Murphy, Head Cutter added, "We are looking forward to working with Mr L'Roubi utilising his particular expertise in women's bespoke tailoring .

In the best traditions of Huntsman's distinctive sporting traditions, Roubi L' Roubi is also well placed in his association with country tailoring. An accomplished dressage rider and keen shot, having designed a bespoke collection for Holland and Holland, he has long experience of creating functional, elegant clothing for the field..  

Notes :

Huntsman is now under the co-ownership of Roubi L'Roubi and his business partner, Pierre Lagrange, effective 8th January

Roubi L'Roubi is a London designer who brings together the best traditions of Savile Row and Bond St.  Across the Atlantic, Roubi is a member of the Costume Guild of Hollywood. Actress Zoe Sadana will wear Roubi's period creations for her starring role in the forthcoming film about Nina Simone's life.

Huntsman was founded in 1849 and has reigned supreme at the heart of Savile Row for over 160 years. The in-house team of cutters and tailors has ensured that many crowned heads, nobility, and stars have always looked the part.

SOURCE Huntsman

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