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OneVoice Israel launches media campaign calling on Lapid to not stray from campaign promises

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TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --OneVoice Israel (OVI) launched a media campaign criticizing the alliance between Yesh Atid's Yair Lapid and Bayit Yehudi's Naftali Bennett, aiming to keep the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—and the wide gaps that exist between the two leaders on this issue -- in the minds of all citizens as the coalition formation process nears an end.

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Starting this week, OVI is posting creative, but critical memes on Facebook, releasing viral videos, and gaining notice on Israeli websites. OVI is also running ads in Israeli newspapers – including Haaretz and Israel Hayom. They are calling for Lapid, a surprise winner in Israel's January elections thanks to Israel's large centrist turnout, to end his coordination with Bennett and not join a government that does not support the two-state solution and a return to negotiations.

The ads read:

"Lapid is a brother?! Yair, we can't choose our family – but we can choose our coalition!" and
"Yair Lapid, the treaty with Naftali Bennett might lead to recruiting some yeshiva boys, but practically billions will keep flowing to the outposts for security in expense of the middle class. Yair! Bennett is not a brother – he is an obstacle."

"Lapid promised to divest from the settlements and be the protector of the middle class in the Knesset," said Tal Harris, executive director of OneVoice Israel. "His alliance with Bennett, a radical who supports annexation of the West Bank and the illegal outposts, stands in stark contrast to the future that Yesh Atid promised its constituency with regard to the conflict. Our campaign is designed to firmly remind Lapid of that promise."

In the coming days, as the close of the initial coalition formation window draws near, OVI will conduct guerilla campaigns around Israel ahead of the coalition-building deadline. Look out for videos, including their very own take on the Harlem Shake, with activists dressing up as Lapid and Bayit Yehudi settlers, exposing the flaws in the alliance.

OneVoice seeks to amplify the voices of average Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representatives toward a two-state solution. The Movement works to forge consensus and build a human infrastructure capable of mobilizing the people to hold their leadership accountable for establishing a negotiated, comprehensive, and permanent agreement that ends the occupation, ensures security and peace for both sides, and solves all final-status issues in accordance with international law and previous bilateral agreements. OneVoice focuses on civic engagement, youth leadership training, and public awareness campaigns to empower the grassroots to exercise their rights – and responsibility – to demand change and a peaceful future.   

SOURCE OneVoice Movement


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