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NSFOCUS Plans Debut at Cloud Expo Europe 2013

BEIJING, Jan. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Industry-accredited DDoS (Denial of Services) mitigation vendor "NSFOCUS" plans to debut at Cloud Expo Europe, held on January 29 and 30, 2013, at the National Hall Olympia, London. After quietly entering the UK market in late 2012, NSFOCUS hopes to showcase its technological advantages gained from years of DDoS prevention experience in helping cloud service providers create clean, secured network environments that are safe from increasing DDoS threats.

In recent years, fast adoption and public acceptance of cloud-based services has significantly amplified the prevalence and impact of hacktivism. Service providers and internet business corporations have to face new challenges in infrastructure security and become more consolidated and responsive to popularized threats, of which DDoS attack is one kind. As one of the pioneer DDoS mitigation providers, NSFOCUS has more than ten years practical experiences in dealing with rampant DDoS attacks in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2009, NSFOCUS became the first Asian member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), and this engagement shows its strong commitment to serve the cloud service providers as a reliable Anti-DDoS expert in technology. By 2012, its implemented hardware prevention capacity historically surpassed 2,000G in total.

To dismiss software security concerns for country-level customers, NSFOCUS had the full code of its solution analyzed by an independent verification company, "VERACODE", under its comprehensive testing process. NSFOCUS was successfully scored at "VL4" of Veracode's "VerAfied Security Mark" for its Anti-DDoS Systems in August 2012. This shows NSFOCUS' obligation as a transparent business organization to assure its product is delivered at a trusted level of security quality.

During the two-day exhibition, NSFOCUS will demonstrate statistical DDoS detection with a layered protection mechanism of Anti-DDoS solutions, which can enhance datacenter infrastructure by building up a cleaning center defense against massive DDoS flooding, as well as enabling it to provide protection services for its end users, who could further opt for on-premise equipment for cleaning the stealthier application-layer attacks that can pinpoint the specific applications.


NSFOCUS is a proven active perimeter network security provider providing carrier-grade anti-DDoS systems and more, designed to help customers secure their networks and corporate-critical information systems. NSFOCUS' web site is

About Cloud Expo Europe

Cloud Expo Europe is one of the most important European events for business and public sector organizations, big or small, wanting to unlock the potential of cloud computing. Cloud Expo Europe's web site is



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