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Intota™ Assessment Available in 2013


Helping libraries calculate ROI with business intelligence and comprehensive tools

SEATTLE, Jan. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The much anticipated Intota™ web-scale management solution will debut in 2013 with Intota™ Assessment, a library collection analytics service that provides book and serials analysis and consolidated usage. Available later this year, the new service includes a robust suite of business intelligence tools to help libraries make informed decisions regarding collection development. Intota Assessment will also be part of Intota™ delivering best in class assessment functionality in a library services platform (LSP) solution.

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Intota Assessment provides innovative views and metrics of a library's collection, including a number of reporting and analysis tools designed to improve collection management, making it possible for library staff to focus on delivering higher value services to their patrons.

"We recognize the challenges libraries face with reduced materials budgets and increased expectations by their institution to deliver value to students and researchers. Intota Assessment enables libraries to calculate ROI of their collections, regardless of format," said Mark Tullos, senior product manager, ProQuest. "Comprehensive assessment of library collections eliminates many of the manual tasks performed today by library staff. With automated analytics and reporting tools, workflow improvements and more meaningful patron service objectives can be achieved."

Supported by authoritative data from Books in Print®, Resources for College Libraries, Ulrich's and Serials Solutions' Knowledgebase, Intota Assessment provides a wide-ranging view of usage and composition of the library's collections. It also simplifies collection maintenance, serving as a multi-source weeding tool. A comprehensive view of holdings, with consolidated COUNTER and aggregated usage reports, as well as overlap analysis, delivers a holistic understanding of the library's collection.

Demonstrations of Intota and Intota Assessment will occur during the American Library Association Midwinter conference, January 25-29th in Seattle.

About Intota

Intota is a new Software-as-a-Service, web-scale collection management solution that supports the entire resource lifecycle for libraries, including selection, acquisition, cataloging, discovery, and fulfillment – regardless of resource type. It embraces the principles of linked data, inherent interoperability, and lower total cost of ownership. Intota addresses the pain points libraries face, and represents a truly unique solution. Developed using open systems and standards, Intota provides relief to librarians by helping them work with greater efficiency so they can devote more time to mission-critical activities.

About Serials Solutions

Serials Solutions provides industry-leading technology solutions for libraries worldwide. The company helps libraries work better by providing innovative, practical Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for discovery and management. Driven by a comprehensive knowledgebase and coupled with unparalleled client support services, these solutions uniquely merge unsurpassed understanding of libraries. Serials Solutions is a dedicated partner of libraries working to remain vital and relevant to their users and communities.

Serials Solutions, a ProQuest business, is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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