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IKOS Announces Amber Certification

LONDON, December 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

IKOS, one of Europe's longest established alternative investment firms, is delighted to announce that the following IKOS Asset Management Limited Hedge, Futures and FX funds have been certified by Amber Partners.  The full operational due diligence reports can be accessed at

  • The IKOS Hedge Fund
  • The IKOS Hedge Fund Euro
  • IKOS Futures Fund
  • IKOS Futures Fund Euro
  • IKOS FX Fund
  • IKOS FX Fund Euro
  • IKOS FX Fund GBP

Elena Ambrosiadou, Chairman and CEO of IKOS commented: "I am pleased to announce the certification by Amber of our highly successful funds. I believe this ratification of our business reflects years of commitment and investment made by the company to ensure that our clients benefit from one of the most robust operational investment platforms available."

To download each fund's report, please log on to the Amber website, click on the name of the fund and enter the fund specific password we will provide upon request.  To request the fund specific passwords, please contact:

About IKOS

The first IKOS Company was established in 1991 by Elena Ambrosiadou. IKOS is a specialist in global quantitative trading of all asset classes using strategies that apply the scientific method to investment management.  Over the years, IKOS' investment programs have benefited investors through consistency of returns, asset protection and risk reduction. With 60 professionals and assets under management at approx. $2 billion, the firm operates a global infrastructure, with execution sites, research facilities and key business affiliations in Europe and the USA.

IKOS is registered as an Investment Adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, is a National Futures Association member registered with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a Commodity Pool Operator and Commodity Trading Advisor, is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, operates within the European MiFID framework, is a member of the Hedge Fund Standards Board, completed SAS 70 Type I,  II and now Amber certification. IKOS investment products include fund classes listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and offering monthly liquidity with daily performance reporting. The firm has also been advising Managed Accounts for many years, and its strategies are available on leading third-party hedge fund platforms.

About Amber Partners  

Amber Partners is a leading independent operational risk services firm to the hedge fund industry and is one of the foremost experts in the field of hedge fund operational due diligence ("ODD").

Amber conducts comprehensive ODD, providing certification to funds that meet a benchmark of operational quality. Amber certified funds are industry leaders, have a commitment to operational best practice, and have responded to investor requirements for greater operational transparency.

Amber's independent annual operational certification review is conducted by professionals with a combined 80 years of direct experience in hedge fund ODD, operations, operational risk management and fund administration. Amber staff have collectively reviewed the operations of over 1000 hedge funds.

For general inquiries on Amber Partners please email:


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