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Home Improvements Offer Biggest January Savings for Shoppers

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SLOUGH, England, January 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The January sales are often a time of buying frenzy for shoppers, but those who approach the sales with a greater sense of calm often find that the best deals to be found are on home furnishings and renovations. The team at the Kitchen Warehouse are keen to point out that homemakers can still receive up to 50 per cent selected kitchens in their range.

Homemakers who are clever with their cash often leave the January sales period feeling very proud of how far they've made their pennies go. This is because home renovations and home furnishings are considered major expenses and finding a fantastic deal represents a real discovery.

Renovating the kitchen is a big job, but many shoppers have realised this year that when times are hard financially, they get more out of improving their everyday surroundings at home than they get out of many of the material goods that make their way onto the market during the January sales. This makes the January sales an important money-saving period for home-owners.

The team at the Kitchen Warehouse is well aware of the fact that more people are looking to save money on kitchen renovations during January than at any other time of the year and they aim to meet this demand with fantastic discounts on a wide selection of kitchens.

Those who visit the online store at will currently find a range of stunning half price kitchens on offer - deals that sit alongside the team's interest free finance payment option allowing shoppers to spread the cost of their cut-price kitchen over 3 years.

The Kitchen Warehouse team have an excellent track record of installing high quality kitchens in a variety of traditional and contemporary styles for homemakers with all manner of practical and aesthetic requirements.

SOURCE Granite Solutions Direct Ltd

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