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Flourishing Retailer Credits Fifteen Digital with Online Success

STOKE-ON-TRENT, England, November 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

The work of a Stoke-on-Trent marketing agency has enabled a designer menswear retailer to increase traffic to their website by 600%, and orders by almost 100 a day.

Before Terraces Menswear linked up with Fifteen Digital in 2009, they were receiving approximately 500 visits a day to their website, and generating fewer than 10 online orders.

Three years later, they have launched a new website, developed by Fifteen Digital, to make navigation easier for the estimated 3000 daily visitors. They are now receiving more than 100 orders a day through the site alone.

The last three years have been so successful they have opened a second shop, catering exclusively in designer childrenswear, and employ 10 people - up seven from 2009.

Terraces Head of E-commerce Ryan Keogh said: "The website is where the majority of our sales are coming from at the moment.

"The business has changed unbelievably in the past year, and we are now receiving orders from all over the UK, and as far afield as Mongolia!

"Fifteen Digital have helped us a lot with the design and development of the site, and particularly with our Google rankings.

"They are great at turning my ideas into reality."

The new website enables shoppers to browse Terraces 2500 products by product category, rather than by brand. It has been live since the end of October.

Fifteen Digital specialises in all IT services, from supplying and installing hardware, to designing and developing websites, to providing training and support in social media and other types of online marketing.

They have also recently added branding and print services to their portfolio.

Further information is available at

SOURCE Fifteen Digital

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