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First Date Disaster Cleaned up by Sophisticated Coast's Cool Competition

LONDON, January 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Coast launches competition to reward stories of first date style nightmares

Coast is to host a competition that targets fashion bloggers and those that have experienced the dramas of a first date.

The luxury occasionwear specialist turn their fashion-focus to a competition that asks bloggers to pick a mouth-watering evening dress from their collections that would stun on a first date.

However, Coast is looking for more gossip and personality behind the entries. Entrants will be asked to reveal stories of a perfectly planned first date outfit that wasn't suited to the occasion at all.  These stories of first dates gone wrong are asked to be described in detail, alongside a creative and stylish approach to picking the perfect outfit from Coast's clothing.  

To enter is simple.

The competition will run for two weeks. During this time, bloggers will compose their story based on their first date wardrobe dilemmas. The post on their blog will compete to stand out from all the rest. The blogger will then select an outfit from Coast's range of clothing, which include evening dresses and tailored trousers for their ideal date. Each style choice must show a link to the item.

For their entry to qualify and be accepted by Coast, bloggers are asked leave a comment on the Coast blog post with a link to their entry.

Entrants are encouraged to showcase their outfits in the most innovative ways and to maintain a social presence by showcasing entries on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The competition will date from 14th January until the 9th February and the winner will receive a voucher worth £100.

This relationship between blogger and retailer creates an exciting and dynamic partnership.  Further details can be found on Coast's blog.


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