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Direct Holidays Teams up With Freemans Grattan

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LONDON, January 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Even though you probably only get a few weeks wear out of your swimwear every year, it's worth keeping your beach wardrobe updated to make sure you feel fab on your cheap all inclusive holidays.

As well as boosting your confidence on the sand, at the pool, or while sipping cocktails on a sun lounger, getting a bikini can now cost less thanks to a new partnership between Direct Holidays and Freemans Grattan.

The deal

If you've booked a cheap holiday via Direct Holidays then you also get a 10 per cent discount on your first order from This is the Freemans Grattan website that is dedicated to getting you sunning yourself in fashionable, affordable swimwear - it's that simple. What might not be so simple is choosing which style to go for!

Go dotty

Like all clothes, swimwear has its trends too, so what's hot in the coming seasons and how can you make sure you shop smart to suit your body shape? Well, polka dots are going to be big news, they're already a popular high street print for dresses, skirts and tops, so it's only fair that bikinis are updated too. You can opt for large, bold dots, or if you want to make a subtler impression on the beach then you can choose bikinis with smaller dots in neutral colours. Combining polka dots prints with high-waisted bikinis mean you'll be the queen of cool on your hols. This style is a top trend in the coming seasons and very flattering too.

Get in shape

Getting the best cuts of jeans and tops might seem like second nature to some, but if you struggle to choose the right style of swimwear for your shape then can help you make up your mind. Whether you're lazing about on the sand on your Cyprus holidays or joining in with high energy water sports in Crete, you'll want to make the most of your shape. will let you do exactly that with its shape calculator, just enter in your measurements and let the tool pick out the best fit for you. 

SOURCE Direct Holidays

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