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BrunnerInvest Reveals Secrets of Hedge Funds in World Finance

LONDON, November 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Smart diversification of portfolios is the key to success of fund of hedge funds (FoHFs), says Erwin Brunner. Speaking in the November-December edition of World Finance, the CEO of BrunnerInvest outlines how the firm's strategic FoHF have made the best of a tough market.

The hedge fund industry has changed significantly since markets collapsed, with the returns of both single funds and fund of hedge funds reduced by adverse market conditions. Yet the market has remained robust, with an estimated CHF 2,000bn invested across the fund universe. A recent report by KPMG and the AIMA reported that hedge funds have delivered greater investment returns than investments made in global equities, bonds and commodities.

BrunnerInvest's funds have been noteworthy, with its Circle E Fund recently winning Best Long/Short Equity FoHF in Europe 2012 in World Finance's Hedge Funds Awards 2012. Writing in the latest edition of the magazine, Brunner explains how the success of the fund is a product of its successful spread of investment across a variety of other single funds.

FoHFs have the benefit of being able to invest in top performing single hedge funds that would otherwise require a much greater capital commitment from investors to access. FoHFs such as Circle E spread investment across 10 to 15 of the best performing single funds, maximising returns by selecting the best investment strategies based on market movement. 

Diversification of investment also helps to avoid the risk associated with single funds, Brunner explains. By spreading investment, FoHF are able to balance out the large losses that single funds can sustain when markets move unexpectedly. BrunnerInvest also integrates hedging instruments into its portfolio that help to mitigate higher risk equity investment strategies.  

By following these strategies BrunnerInvest is ensuring its customers' investments perform in challenging conditions. With its award-wining Circle E fund, it's clearly making the right moves.

Read the full article from BrunnerInvest in the November-December edition of World Finance magazine, available in all good news agents now. For more articles visit

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