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Banjo Takes You "There" In Real Time To Discover The People, Places And Things You Care About Most -- Around The Corner And Around The World

-- Banjo introduces the most sophisticated location-based technology by developing a real-time, social graph that connects millions of people across the world's most popular social networks

REDWOOD CITY, California, Nov. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Banjo, the leading location-based search and social discovery platform that brings people an on-the-ground view of what's happening around the world, introduces the latest advancement in location-based mobile technology. Through its social graph, Banjo creates a personalized feed that surfaces the common connections people share across the most popular social networks and channels in real time. Now, anyone with Banjo can explore and discover the most interesting people, places and events through the social lens of their friends and common connections who are actually there.

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"While the industry traditionally has been focused on what's happening around us, we found that people were leveraging Banjo's technology to see what was happening everywhere else," said Damien Patton, Founder of Banjo. "Banjo is the most powerful and sophisticated mobile technology platform that exists today and our real-time social technology is set to forever change the way we discover and connect with people, places and things around the world."

Version 3 of Banjo's app for iOS and Android includes the following features:

  • Connect with Friends: Receive notifications when friends are nearby, discover and explore the places they are anywhere in the world and in real time.
  • Discover Common Connections: Banjo makes the world a smaller place. See how your friends connect you to their friends across the largest social networks and channels.
  • Personalized Places: Banjo creates personalized places based on where your friends and common connections are in the world right now.
  • Search by Interest: Search any place to see what's happening, then filter by keyword to dive deeper into the conversations that matter to you.

With 3 million users in 194 countries, Banjo pulls real-time, location-based data from over 400 million people into its social graph, connecting you to the people and places that matter to you most.

About Banjo

Banjo is the leading location-based search and social discovery platform that takes you there by organizing the most popular social networks and channels into one feed. Banjo provides the only on-the-ground view of what's happening through the social lens of your friends and connections, around the corner and around the world. Founded by Damien Patton in the summer of 2011, Banjo reached 1 million users in only 9 months and has over 3 million users today.  The app is available for free on Android & iOS in 11 languages and is used in more than 194 countries.



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