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Apprentice Enrollment Ceremony for Shen's Tai Chi Held In Sanya

-- Chinese Tai Chi Presents the Spirit of Martial Arts

SANYA, China, Jan. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --  Serving as a bond to connect China with the world, Shen's Tai Chi is a true reflection of the essence of Chinese martial arts that deserves to be inherited by and introduced to the world.

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On the morning of January 7, 2017, Master Shen Zhi, the heir of Shen's Tai Chi, held a ceremony to enroll his apprentices in Sanya. 15 people coming from all over the world, including China and Russia, became formal apprentices of Master Shen Zhi after a series of rituals including bowing to the master, handing in the apprentice posts, kowtowing, receiving their apprentice certificates, and more. Master Shen Zhi has already had 12,800 apprentices and over 300,000 foreign students over the years.

Tai Chi Quan is the perfect combination of China's traditional and dialectical theoretical thinking and martial arts, art, guided art, Chinese medicine, and more. It is a high-level body culture that guides practitioners to mental cultivation, body building, combat skills and other functions. Shen's Tai Chi has absorbed the advantages of other martial arts schools to create unique benefits in bodybuilding and health preservation. Shen's Tai Chi mainly includes "Fast Tai Chi", "Slow Tai Chi", "Health Preservation Qigong", and other practices, and has become an independent school of martial arts after 30 years of development. In addition, Shen's Tai Chi has been listed as the formal competition item in several international martial arts competitions. Shen's Tai Chi, which combines traditional external martial arts with internal martial arts, features as an easy-to-learn practice and facilitates its learners to achieve inner and outer harmony, enhance combat skills, and more. This is why numerous Kung Fu fans around the world have been fascinated by it.

For thousands of years, the learning of martial arts has been restricted to masters and apprentices. Yet as the heir of Shen's Tai Chi, Master Shen Zhi has great aspiration and firm belief in spreading Chinese martial arts as well as Shen's Tai Chi throughout the world.

SOURCE Shen’s Tai Chi

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